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** We are now VSPEX Certified! **

Converged Infrastructure, Virtualization, and Cloud Computing are all coming together, right now. There is a dizzying array of hardware and software products. We can help you navigate these waters with our deep knowledge of cloud computing products and data center architecture.

Hamrhead is a company born out of the product engines of large compaines building virtualization and cloud computing products. The founders built those products and brought that extensive knowledge and expertise to Hamrhead. It is now available to you as a customer where you can have much more direct access to the comprehensive engineering knowledge that is usually hidden behind multiple layers.

Let us Help You
  • Get much more computing power and storage for your IT dollar that any other company can deliver
  • Turn your IT organization into a quick-response, rapid-delivery organization with automated infrastructure management
  • Plan and execute your data center initiatives based on Your needs
  • Train your organization on products you already own or are considering as part of your solution

See how we can help you achieve your objectives

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